The Folklore in Bolivia.
Bolivia is one of the richest countries in traditions, rites, costumes, dances and customs maintained since the colonial days until our days.
The traditions of the former populations mingled with the traditions of the Spanish colonizers to achieve the half-breed customs and traditions that since then they are kept by a part of the population and they are revived in the folkloric feasts of the country


In every dance characters of the Colonial times and mystical beings like the devil of the excavations (Supay) and the angels are represented.
The festivities present hundreds of dancers in a spree of colors and merriment in a strange mingles of paganism and Catholicism.
Another aspect of the Bolivian Folklore is its peculiar native musical instruments. At the rhythm of their melodies the dancers sing and dance offering delight to the local dwellers and the foreign.


From  La Paz, Bolivia
Travel from Mar 8 to Mar 25
Thanks Nunez !


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