Carved out by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon (nearly 1,500 m deep) is the most spectacular gorge in the world. Located in the state of Arizona, it cuts across the Grand Canyon National Park. Its horizontal strata retrace the geological history of the past 2 billion years. There are also prehistoric traces of human adaptation to a particularly harsh environment.


Created a national park on 26 February 1919 by an act of Congress. First protected in 1893 as a forest reserve in which mining, lumbering and hunting continued to be allowed; upgraded to a game reserve in 1906, giving protection to the wildlife; redesignated a national monument in 1908. Accepted as a World Heritage site on 24 October _979.
Source: Advisory Body Evaluation


From USA
Travel from Mar 27 to April 3
Thanks Denise !


No.38 ( My Unesco World Heritage Site)


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