Tanzan Shrine  also known as the Danzan Shrine, the Tōnomine Shrine and the Tōnomine Temple, is a Shinto shrine in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture, Japan.


The shrine traces its origin to a Tendai temple built in the Asuka period (538 – 710) called Tōnomine-ji, built by the monk Jo’e (643 – 666). Jo’e was the oldest son of Fujiwara no Kamatari (614 – 669), founder of the Fujiwara clan. Jo’e located the temple on Tōnomine, a peak of on the southern side of Mount Goharetsu (619 metres (2,031 ft)). Jo’e moved the remains of Kamatari to a 13-story pagoda on the site. The emperors Daigo (884 – 930) and Go-Hanazono (1419 – 1471) attached special reverence to the temple, and bestowed it with various honorifics.
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