Nordheim vor der Rhön is a municipality in the district of Rhön-Grabfeld in Bavaria in Germany. It is located in the upper Streu valley, between Ostheim and Fladungen.
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From Germany
Travel from July 11 to July 25
Thanks Diana !


One thought on “NORDHEIM VOR DER RHON _ 0594

  1. Kevin Miller says:

    Hi Chu,
    I like stamps that feature animals and plants. What I like about Germany is that it has a large variety of animals you can find. According to Wiki, the Berlin Zoo opened in 1844 is the oldest zoo in Germany, and presents the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.
    I went to an online stamp catalogue I usually go to and found all of the stamps. The Crocus and Tulip were issued in the year 2005. The Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris) was issued in 2012, December 6.


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