The Stockholm City Line is a railway tunnel under construction beneath central Stockholm in Sweden which will be used by the Stockholm Commuter Rail. The line will be 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) long, double track and electrified. It will have two stations: Stockholm City Station will be located directly below T-Centralen, the central station of the Stockholm Metro. The Odenplan station will be the other station, and will be located next to the Odenplan metro station. The line is scheduled to enter service in 2017.
The project was proposed by the Swedish State Railways in 1988 and has, after initially being disregarded as too expensive, been seriously considered since 2002. In 2006, the Swedish Rail Administration agreed with the city and Storstockholms Lokaltrafik on the financing of the project, and the last step in the planning process was scheduled for 2006–2007. The cost of the tunnel and stations is estimated to 16.3 billion Swedish kronor.
The new Alliance government in Sweden, after the general elections of 2006, did however put the project in question. Representatives of the government announced on October 1 of that year that they were scrapping Citybanan in favor of building a third railway track through the city. In December 2006, however, the government’s appointed expert, after a renewed assessment of the project, recommended building the tunnel. In May 2007 the government finally decided to build the tunnel. Ground works and the construction of work tunnels has begun.
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