Shrimp fishermen on horseback wearing bright yellow slickers, tall rubber boots and sou’westers are seated in their wooden saddles on the back of their horses that drag the large nets behind them. The horses are in the water up to the top of their legs. Draft horses famous for their enormous strength, such as the Brabant draft horse, are used for this task. Every now and then, the fishermen and their horses will return to the shore to empty their nets and deposit their catch in the baskets hung from each side of the horses. Shrimps caught by fishermen on horseback are exceptionally fresh and are a true delicacy when cooked


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An age old method of catching fish, very primitive and poor in results terming with today’s commercial fishing perspective, but ads on beauty and uniqueness to the countries deep south coast line, as a icon of the fishing folk in Sri Lanka. A major attraction at the south cost, stilt fishing till date is continued by the locals owing to the good will gifts by the locals and the foreign visitor that adds on apart to the catch from the sea.


A stick standing up with another piece of wood tied to it to create a seat where fisherman climb on to during the low tide to fish in the rising waters of the high tide, though is a lovely sight is a hard and uncomfortable task of few hours for a small catch of fish enough to feed few mouths.


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