Kelly Tarlton’s Shipwreck Museum in Paihia, the good ship Tui has been converted into an authentic maritime museum and houses over 1000 bits and pieces that the late Kelly Tarlton dragged up from wrecks.


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VASA MUSEUM (stockholm) _ 0661


The Vasa Museum is a maritime museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Located on the island of Djurgården, the museum displays the only almost fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged, the 64-gun warship Vasa that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. The Vasa Museum opened in 1990 and, according to the official web site, is the most visited museum in Scandinavia. Together with other museums such as Stockholm Maritime Museum, the museum belongs to the Swedish National Maritime Museums (SNMM).
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View of the Iversky (Resurrection) Gate and the States Historical Museum


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CASA DE LA MONEDA (the old royal mint) _ 0384

Billed as ‘the best museum in Bolivia’ by one of the guidebooks, Casa Real de la Moneda had a big reputation to live up to. With only one full day in Potosi I came straight off my mine tour and hit the museum – which may possibly have affected my enjoyment of it somewhat as I was slightly underwhelmed. The building itself is incredible – it’s almost hard to believe it’s as old as they say as, apart from the 500 year old style, it looks almost new. So it was the monotone tour guide that lost me I think – he sounded like a bored Stephen Hawkin and managed to make some absolutely fascinating tales torture to listen to. I was also a bit miffed to find out that it was an extra 20 Bolivianos to take photos inside the museum (basically doubling the entrance fee) – not possessing a decent camera I didn’t bother… so all coin shots are sourced off the internet!


The giant face which greats you at the mint


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Alkmaar Cheese Museum.
The cheese museum has collected many of the common implements used in making cheese throughout history, and explains the difference between making cheese on the farm and in the factory. The museum also features twenty-four lofty historic portraits made in the sixteenth century of women in regional costumes from North Holland. In addition, they have recreated many of these costumes in tangible full-size versions. A guided tour is available with advanced reservations throughout the year.



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The Louvre or Louvre Museum is one of the world’s largest museums and a historic monument. A central landmark of Paris, France, it is located on the Right Bank of the Seine in the 1st arrondissement (district). Nearly 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 21st century are exhibited over an area of 60,600 square metres (652,300 square feet). With more than 9.7 million visitors each year, the Louvre is the world’s most visited museum.
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Bike Museum at Joinville

Joinville is the third largest municipality in the southern region of Brazil, after the much larger state capitals of Curitiba and Porto Alegre.
Joinville is also a major industrial, financial and commerce center in Southern Brazil.
In 2013, its population reached approximately 547,000 people, many of whom are of German descent. Joinville’s metropolitan area is home to 1,212,997 residents according to the 2010 census by IBGE.
Owing to urban development and relatively good infrastructure, Joinville has become a major center for events and business conferences. The city has one of the highest standards of living in Latin America.
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From Baruru, Brazil
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