The Silichi ski resort opened in 2005. It is located in Logoisk District, 32km from Minsk. Silichi is among the most popular recreation centers in Belarus and the CIS. It boasts well-developed infrastructure and is open all the year round

  • four tracks (620-900m long, elevation difference is up to 100m)
  • four-seat ski-lifts
  • tracks for children and beginners
  • tracks for skiing, sledging, snow tubing and for snowmobiles
  • extreme park (springboards, half-pipe, snow park)
  • training center (skiing training)
  • skating rink, a gym
  • ski rentals
  • hotel for 104 guests
  • guest houses
  • restaurants and cafes
  • baths and spa
  • children’s town
  • medical block


From Belarus
Travel from Dec 06 to Dec 17
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